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Emma Watson 'Beauty and the Beast' doll mocked.

11/01/2017 · Emma Watson charmed crowds over the weekend when a new "Beauty and the Beast" television spot featured her lovely singing voice. But the doll version of Watson dressed as Belle hit a sour note. When William Herrington spotted the doll at a Colorado JC Penney store and posted the images to Flickr, fans immediately decided the doll. 26/01/2017 · But that's not the only person the oversize-foreheaded toy looked like, as other Twitter users took it to another level with more hilarious comparisons. Basically, the doll looked like everyone but Watson. They got Emma Watson's Belle doll looking like Lord Farquaad with a mix of the Queen of Hearts & a sprinkle of Justin Bieber. Who did this? In the quest to replicate Emma Watson's visage on a plastic surface, it looks like the manufacturers got the proportions wrong. As many people are noting, the doll looks a lot more like Justin Bieber in a dress. —maryam @seIinaivy January 7, 2017 —frances @voguesbizzIe January 7, 2017 —rebekka @dolanschistad January 7, 2017.

08/01/2017 · To the internet's extreme delight, there appears to be a Belle doll out there that's basically Justin Bieber in a yellow dress. The upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is due out in March, so as it does, Disney is doubling down on associated merchandise. The film stars Emma Watson. 08/01/2017 · Shoppers have been left in hysterics after spotting something rather unusual about the latest piece of Disney merchandise. The Belle doll, launched to promote the upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake, appears to have been modelled on leading actress Emma Watson but Twitter users think she looks more like Justin Bieber. 11/01/2017 · How could a doll that looks like Emma Watson end up looking so bad? Is that you, Justin Bieber? Kim Horcher and John Rocha Host -The CineFiles, Super Animation Gametime break it down! "The Emma Watson-starring, live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast rolls out in March 2017, and with it comes the inevitable deluge of Disney.

07/01/2017 · BuzzFeed reported that many shoppers are comparing the Belle doll, which is supposed to look like Emma Watson, to Justin Bieber. While we have to give props to the team for recreating that iconic yellow dress, it looks like the designers may have gone awry while recreating Watson's features. People Really Think This "Beauty And The Beast" Doll Looks Like Justin Bieber Sections 🍿 Arts. when you order an emma watson doll online but a justin bieber doll in a yellow dress & a wig arrives instead. 03:13 PM - 07 Jan 2017. Reply Retweet Favorite. The internet is extremely confused after a doll meant to be Emma Watson as Belle from Beauty and the Beast has ended up looking like Justin Bieber. Weirdly enough the doll has also drawn comparisons to Lord Farquaad from Shrek, Chucky and John Malkovich. Pretty much everyone but poor Emma Watson.

09/01/2017 · People are freaking out over this Belle doll that looks a little bit like Justin Bieber! 08/01/2017 · Tale as old as time: when your action figure looks nothing like you. Emma Watson is set to play Belle, the lead in a live action adaptation of fairytale Beauty and the Beast. The film is set for global release in March 2017, and, as per usual, a series of collectible toys has been created to accompany the film. One doll of Watson. Emma Watson looks glorious as Belle in Disney‘s live action Beauty and the Beast — but you wouldn’t know it if you only looked at the toys! Over the weekend, a doll collector named William Herrington took to the photo sharing site Flickr to upload some disturbing pics of what’s []. 17/01/2017 · Is it too late now to say Barbie? Disney released a new Belle doll for the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast" movie starring Emma Watson. However, the doll resembles Justin Bieber more than it does Watson. Flickr user William Herrington posted photos of the doll after seeing one at a J.C. Penny in. 11/01/2017 · But that's not the only person this oversize-foreheaded toy looks like, as other Twitter users have taken it to another level with more hilarious comparisons. Basically, this doll looks like everyone but Emma Watson. They got Emma Watson's Belle doll looking like Lord Farquaad with a mix of the Queen of Hearts & a sprinkle of Justin Bieber.

  1. 17/01/2017 · One doll maker tries to explain how Disney came to make a Belle doll that resembled Justin Bieber more than Emma Watson for "Beauty and the Beast.".
  2. 06/12/2019 · An unfortunately ugly doll, made to resemble Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, has caused a social media sensation. Many people have mocked the toy, saying it looks like Justin Bieber. The doll.

10/01/2017 · Unfortunately, one of the most recent dolls to be released based on the film’s star, Emma Watson, has no real essence of Watson’s character. You might even say it’s new and a bit alarming. After the doll was found for sale at a JCPenney, fans began posting pictures of the shocking rendition. 07/01/2017 · Emma Watson's 'Beauty And The Beast' Doll Is Basically Justin Bieber In A Dress. A new doll of Emma Watson as Belle from Beauty And The Beast has just been released and it looks a lot like another child star we know.

09/01/2017 · Emma Watson and her doll Dave Benett/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar; ozthegreatandpowerful/Flickr. New and a bit alarming! Disney just released a Beauty and the Beast doll of Emma Watson as Belle in the upcoming live-action film — but the internet doesn’t seem to think the toy looks anything like the 26-year-old actress or the cartoon. 16/01/2017 · Not sure if this is Emma Watson as Belle or Justin Bieber in a yellow dress and wig? Disney recently released a Belle doll from the Disney Collection line to help promote the Beauty and the Beast live-action movie showing this summer. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a Belle doll. Emma Watson's Belle Barbie doll looks like Justin Bieber in a dress FACEBOOK COMIALTERNATIVEDISNEY Like the Alternative Disney page! from Facebook tagged as Barbie Meme. This just in, Bieber Belle is upon us. In a horrifying twist, instead of resembling actress Emma Watson, the latest Beauty and the Beast Belle doll looks like Justin Bieber. 07/05/2018 · Disney released a toy doll that looks like the star of the film, Emma Watson — except that it doesn't. From afar, the plastic figure looks similar to the Disney princess, as it dons Belle's signature yellow dress and wavy brown hair.

08/01/2017 · Social media users attack creators of Beauty and the Beast doll saying it looks like Justin Bieber. IT’S the doll that has been labelled Emma Watson and Justin Bieber’s love child. The new Beauty and the Beast Belle doll has fans less than. 08/01/2017 · In anticipation of the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, Disney has released a new Belle doll that's allegedly in Emma Watson's likeness. As legions of enraged and amused internet users have pointed out, however, the doll actually looks eerily like Justin Bieber. See the similarity for. 07/01/2017 · It's an uncanny resemblance isn't it? We can't help but thing that some factory somewhere in the world just had a surplus of Justin Bieber dolls and decided to whack some of them in yellow dresses and pass them off as Emma Watson's Belle. People are freaking out over this Belle doll that looks a little bit like Justin Bieber!

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