• Big Fish Audio Suite Grooves 1 & 2 KONTAKT

    Big Fish Audio Suite Grooves 1 & 2 KONTAKT

    Big Fish Audio Suite Grooves MULTIFORMAT

    The ’90s saw the birth of a new instrumental genre called smooth jazz. Born by combining the great funky jazz instrumentals of the ’70s with the keep em’ on the floor R&B dance grooves of the late ’80s, smooth jazz has become a constant on radio airwaves across the country. Likewise, producer Jeff Carruthers has become a constant when it comes to making smooth jazz hits. After arranging hits for such artists as Peter White, Boney James, Paul Brown, Jeffrey Osborne, Euge Groove, Jimmy Sommers and more, Jeff has used his vibe to create this DVD full of the sweetest grooves you’ve ever heard. Over 4.3 GB of smooth sax, trumpet, keys, guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion and more. Get started on a Suite Groove of your own.


    4.36 GB on discs (1.82 GB of WAV files)

    29 construction kits
    Each construction kit contains a main demo mix and a folder of “drum tracks” Some kits also have a folder of hits when one shot samples were used in the drums
    Drum tracks give you access to the multi track drums allowing you to adjust and remix the drums entirely

    instruments include:

    various percussion
    and more

    Big Fish Audio Suite Grooves 2 KONTAKT

    The wait is over! The hottest smooth jazz loop library of all time now continues with Suite Grooves 2. Jeff Carruthers has produced some of the biggest smooth jazz hits and now he takes it to the next level with an all live ensemble featuring some of the best players in the genre. This latest blend of instrumental R&B, funk, & soul is as good as it gets. The bar has certainly been raised with fuller arrangements, more variations, and drum hits from each kit to help round out this collection. In addition the multi-track drums have been included for each kit allowing for maximum flexibility in your mixes. In total, there is 3.4 GB of original content and 28 smoking hot construction kits. From guitars and basses to saxes and rhodes, each part has been recorded with the highest professional standards. Don’t accept any substitutes because this stuff is the real deal and is sure to boost any smooth jazz production.

    This product is part of Big Fish Audio’s KLI series which includes a custom Kontakt interface. The Kontakt format includes patches of each construction kit, allowing for quick and easy arrangements of the parts. In addition there are “sliced loops” patches which lay out each individual slice of a loop on the keys to create new and original custom parts. Create, arrange, tweak, and mix all within the Kontakt format.

    The KLI version of this product comes with the KLI 2.0 update and comes in both Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5 versions. For those with the full version of Kontakt 5, take advantage of the new high quality and extremely flexible new time stretching algorithm as well as a bunch of new included FX.


    Drums (live and programmed)
    Bass (upright and electric)
    Guitars (electric and nylon)
    Saxophones (tenor, soprano, and
    Flugel Horn
    Various Other Percussion
    And More!

    ——KONTAKT DETAILS———– (KLI 2.0)

    Using these Kontakt Patches requires the full version of Kontakt version 4.2 or later.

    Suite Grooves 2 includes over 2.46 GB of content with 706 different kontakt patches.

    Demo Patch – There is a Demo Patch which provides the user with all of the demos from each of the song kits in one instrument. Demos are mapped starting at C0 on the keyboard.

    Kit Combos – 28 patches are included in the Kit Combos section. Each patch contains each loop from that construction kit to create quick and easy arrangements. Loops start at C0 on the keyboard

    Sliced Loops – Each loop from the product has been given it’s own patch and can be edited extensively using the “loop fx” interface. The full loop can be triggered at C0. The loop can be played backward at D0. Individual slices start at C1 on the keyboard.

    One-Shots – Drum hits from each kit have been given their own patch as well as a few drum menu patches created from an additional set of drum hits included in Suite Grooves 2.

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