• SoundBits Just Whoosh 3 Whoosh Essentials WA

    SoundBits Just Whoosh 3 Whoosh Essentials WA

    The “Just Whoosh 3 | Whoosh Essentials“ Sound Effects Library from SoundBits contains 575 recorded ‘whoosh’-sounds. Some of the props that were used: cloth blankets, jeans and leather and nylon jackets, fishing rods, boom poles, bamboo/wood/metal/plastic sticks and ropes with things like spatulas attached to on end, chains, a torch and some passing by cars.

    Most of the sounds were recorded at and editied at 192kHz some at 96kHz

    All sounds were edited and cleaned for instant use in your projects or creative processing

    Recorded with: Beyedynamic MC930 ORTF, RODE NT-4, Sound Devices 744t, Sony PCM-D100

    Number of files: 575
    Qualtity: 192Khz and 96 kHz /24bit


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